New Season – Spring 2021 trends

The season of spring is upon us. Fashion trends evolve in line with the warmer weather, new plants and flowers blooming. Spring is a transition season and often challenging to dress for – as the weather graduates from the cold winter, there’s still a cool freeze that permeates the early and late hours of the day. This presents a challenge for most people’s wardrobes.

Type of Handbags - The 10 Most Popular Types

This May we are celebrating all things mum – and what better pressie for the hard working women that have dedicated and shaped our lives than a well-serving, durable and stylish handbag.

For time immemorial, handbags have been every woman’s go-to carry item – this cuts across women from all walks of life.

Caring for your leather

Our first article, leather lasts forever, was an introductory piece to the different types of leather. We emphasized that leather does last forever, but only if you look after it with the correct handling, storage and care.

In this article, we share some care tips informing you how you can look after your valuable leather piece.

What’s in a bag? – Guide to buying travelling bags

There are several types of bags one can use for travel, each designed to suit a specific need. 

This month, we dig deeper into the different types of traveling bags available – focusing on just 5 of the most popular ones out of the several options available. Traveling bags come in a variety of sizes as well as fabrics. The choice one makes in which one/s to buy or use for a specific occasion depends on the occasion and the user's requirements.

We advocate for all-things leather, obviously, due to the durability of leather amongst many other benefits outlined in this month’s blog. So if you are planning a trip, or simply want to know what’s trending in the traveling bag world – then read on.

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