Zimbabwe Leather Collective

Zimbabwe Leather Collective

The Zimbabwe Leather Collective (ZLC) represents the fine heritage of leather making in Zimbabwe. All our products are meticulously handmade, using locally sourced leather from our intricate collection of tanneries.  Our diverse selection of leather ranges from domesticated bovine to the African buffalo found on the wild escarpment of our beautiful country. All our leathers are sustainably sourced; ensuring the animals will remain to tell their story from this generation to the next.

No two hides are ever the same, and throughout our tanning processes, we work towards preserving the uniqueness of every hide. The manufacturers contributing to this collection each have a unique story themselves, just like the leathers they craft with, to tell of their journey to where they are today. Every product made, expresses creativity to tell a tale of Zimbabwean mastery.

So come, explore this site, and become part of our story, because every story needs a perfect ending. Help us spread far and wide, the story of Zimbabwean artistry combined with the ageless perfection of Zimbabwean leathers to bring you the “Zimbabwe Leather Collective”.

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