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GOODHOPE Leather Products
Established in 1992 by Eliot Matsika. A heartwarming story from humble beginnings, in a one-room house in a Bulawayo township of New Magwegwe. Through grace, dedication, quality, and craftsmanship it has transformed into a brand that is a Southern African leader in luxury designs.
Millenium Footwear
Millenium Footwear
The brainchild of Mr. Stuart Simali, trained overseas as a footwear & leather industry technician. It started as a family working on a balcony until the current day we are one of the countries leading show companies in SADC and beyond. Our products include boots & shoes in casual, safari, sneakers, and sandals made in both cow & exotic leathers.
Safari Leather
Safari Leather
Established in 2009 is a family-owned business run by Danny & Judy Friend. Located in Bulawayo, the place we call home. With a focus on local and international markets. The leathers, both exotic and domestic hides, that we work with are environmentally friendly treated leathers, sourced and tanned in Zimbabwe. Together with our incredibly skilled group of talented people, we bring quality, craftsmanship, and passion into each and every one of our leather products.
Book Set Leather Works
Established in 1994 as a print finish company by Arthur Dare, focused on book binding and restoration. Now run by both Arthur and Ursula Evans. In Arthurs youth, his passion for safari & hunting, inspired the use of gameskins for books and upholstery. Personalising books in exotic & plain leathers for individuals has been a success both locally and internationally. Ursula's love for leather, combined with her creativity gives clients so much more than the stock basics.
Tana Africa
Tana AfricaCreative Director
We are Tana Africa, a family run business established in 1999. Designers & manufacturers of handbags and leather accessories. We love wild.... we are passionate about accessories. Our team is diverse, from concept to reality & the fun we have in between. We are focused on hand-crafted details, sourcing wood, fossil, and shell locally to adorn our accessories. This encourages our community about the value of nature and what we create with our hands.

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